Teaching & Outreach

Teaching course “Molecular basis of life and disease” (Oct/2015-Dec/2015). Double Discovery Centre, Columbia University, New York, USA. A three months course focussed on teaching the molecular basis of biology to teenagers. The course was designed to introduce theoretical concepts through active learning and critical thinking.

LectureProtein structure: a molecular walk to understand their shape and function“, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in United States (Dec, 2016), Newark, New Jersey, USA.

LectureFrom the big-bang to the origin of life, a walk of 14.7 billions of years“, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in United States (Dec, 2015), Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Invited speaker at foreign awareness talks: “The experience of moving abroad from a local perspective” (Dec, 2012), Lauaxeta school, Amorebieta, Spain. The talks brought together speakers from different backgrounds to describe their experience living in a foreign country in order to promote integration among kids.

Invited speaker at science fair: “Travelling inside a cell. How do proteins work?” (Nov, 2012), University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. See post for further details.

Invited speaker at science fair: “Exploring the Protein Universe Through an Electron Microscope” (Oct, 2010). Bilbao, Spain.

The Eureka Science Cafe (March/2008-April/2013), Bilbao, Spain. Founding member of a series of science communication events to bring science closer to the general audience.